Cybersecurity need After Artificial intelligence approached?

Why social engineering is easy to target after AI has been established or there is another reason for that?

Social engineering is the art of manipulating people into performing actions divulging confidential information like OTP, and bank details, or asking for money directly as impersonating your family member. it’s increasing day by day and becomes more easy because of AI voice creators.

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Cybersecurity is of extra importance with social engineering tricks facilitated by AI becoming more prevalent by the day. CIS’ default-deny containment technology protects against active breaches of your system, by not allowing any communication for unknown files. Of course, it cannot protect against a user being tricked into doing something bad in real life. For in-depth information on its kernel API virtualisation mechanism see here: Comodo’s patented “Kernel API Virtualization” – Under the Hood – Comodo Tech Talk

you should be careful if you…
should send/pay money
you are asked for your dates
to click a link
you shell pay in advance
Don’t allow yourself to be put under time pressure
make a callback (not the number provided)/control call
Don’t trust anyone with anything, including your data

It’s getting more and more sophisticated to cheat on you