CWI Running Slow?

Hi all,

I’m finding CWI running slow, when you wish to scan a site. For Instance I scan The scan runs, and it shows Sum of URLs Found: 1 then on the other side it shows Sum of URLs Scanning: 1

under that it shows Task: started

Everything runs well on what I have just typed. But I have found and some sites not all, that is takes 10 to 50 secs before it shows results. And the CWI page flashes, before rescanning.

Then once it finished it shows the results.

So I think 10 to 50 secs is a bit slow. I have checked other sites and I get info within 2 to 5 secs but on some it’s slow.

But I guess it’s down to logs stored on the server. So if a other person looks at the scan will load quick and the Results shown within 3 to 5 secs ?

So what do you think the issue could be.

thanks in advance


Hi Nige_39,
Web inspector is a thorough real time analysis of the entire site, the more content the slower it will be.
It will always be slower than sites using only DataBase enquiries.
Could be why you are noticing such a difference in the time it takes.

If URL you want to scan was already scanned during the last 24 hours, you will get a WI report immediately, e.g. if you try to scan URL:
you will see a report:

Otherwise, WI will start a full analyses of URL:

  • open requested page;
  • static analyses;
  • dynamic analyses;
  • blacklist checking.

Time of this procedure depend on a lot of factors. E.g. some page are very slow, some pages can’t be access through one IP and WI need to request it through the other IP etc.

I can understand now.

Many thanks captainsticks and also vadim

Thanks Nige_39 and also thanks to vadim for a more precise explanation. :-TU