Cwatch office to protect your computers, smartphones

would love your feedback pls.

Sorry, I have not had the opportunity to install and check out, but what are the differences between cWatch office and cDome Shield ?

Is there more visibility over which sites have been visited, i.e pages within a site and more detailed URL info, and is there more control over Black and White listing ?

its much easier to install…
plus it will have a proxy mode where we do “containment” of unknown executable files on the network before they hit your computer…(launching later).

Some questions:

  • Can i install it on windows xp ?
  • I have Cdome shield;is it better to unstall it (comodo shield agent) first ?
    (Both programs do the same… )
  • It uses the same DNS-servers as in Cdome ?
  • Can i use it together with CMS ?

Greetings . :wink:

hi lcke,

  • Can i install it on windows xp ?
    cWatch Office Agent supports Windows 7 and above.
  • I have Cdome shield;is it better to unstall it (comodo shield agent) first ?
    Yes. You need to uninstall Dome Shield Agent to install cWatch Office Agent.
  • It uses the same DNS-servers as in Cdome ?
    No. cWatch Office uses different DNS servers. If you are using Agents either mobile or endpoint, DNScrypt method, in other words, your DNS traffic is encrypted end to end till it reaches our DNS servers.
  • Can i use it together with CMS ?
    Yes of course.

Hi Bulut,
I have installed cwatch office on my laptop. Tray helper says:Protected & encrypted.
On my dashboard: device is not active, pending ???
I have chosen" default settings" ;when i click “reset device specific rules” : error : “no policy found for the user E0610802”
See attachment for screenshot.
Can you help me please ? ???

Another problem: when i restart my laptop : a new request to register ??

Hi lcke,

Can you please send an email to with the screenshot so that we can analyze the issue ?

I will get it escalated.

HI Bulut,
thank you very much for the quick answer. :-TU

I have solved the problem: i have used a wrong client id for registering ! :-[

You can close this problem.




Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

I’m testing it and I’ll give my opinion.
1- It’s more beautiful than cdome … It even seems a more modern version than cdome.
2- His appearance is much more professional.
3- It is 1000 times easier than Cdome and so far it does not cause me any dilemmas.
4-I liked that you have your own app …
5-I do not understand the difference between cwatch and cdome.
6-5 Device seems to me little … with 10 it seems more reasonable … Also allow the incorporation of domestic use …
7- It is perfect for domestic use.
8- Some advanced settings are missing … eg: Configure device and enable or disable malware protection … (Do not dirty the current interface please).

The Cwatch brand looks more professional and clean than comodo (the web and everything) … I would really like this image wash to all products comodo.

ex: cwatch suit or cwatch firrewal utm …

If they achieve a good result in the tests (av comparative or av test). Having enough publicity and solved the current failures of comodo products … It would be beautiful.

pd: I still can not get it to work for my router. but I think it’s my router’s dilemma and it does not allow static ip …
Mainly by Dhcp

There must be information on the causes

hi liosant,

thanks for the feedback.

we will include this in our upcoming releases.

Unfortunately, I can not use this. It slows my internet down to a crawl. Latency time is increased between 300% to 400%, internet speed is cut down to 1/2 to 1/3.

Sammo, in which location have you tried? and around what date/hours.
the backend dns service for cWatch Office use geo-location based anycast network.
You might be served a distant node due to overload or some outage during that period.

I am in the Portland Oregon area and the time was late at night. I uninstalled the agent and removed my device. Today I reinstalled the agent and added my device again and it is working ok. Latency and speed seem fine now. Thanks!

yes most possibly you have been served from our Manchester POP by that time.
We will have 3 other POPs very soon and for next year we will increase the POPs significantly.


For info:
I had an interruption on Cwatch : when starting my laptop the tray icon said: “unprotected & unecrypted”.
On my dashboard: laptop was disconnected ! I do not have the choice to “connect”.
I have solved the problem with restarting the cwatchoffice-service.
Request : the tray icon : give us the choise to connect of disconnect ??
Request: on dashboard: give us the choise to connect of disconnect ??
On smarthphone you have the choise to disconnect.

The extreme slow down happened again last night. I uninstalled the agent and am going to wait until this product matures a little more before trying it again.

Hi Sammo,

We are trying to locate some strange routing problem, when you have a chance can you please send the output of tracert to me?
If you don’t mind, can I ask you if you can install the agent again and tracert whenever the slow down occurs? This will help us a lot.

This is not about the maturity of the product, it is all about some bgp problem that currently we have.