CVE for different platforms

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...Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista running the following browsers...

It would be nice to have more information regarding compatibility and installation tips since the info above is not sufficient enough.

The platform (32bit and x64) is not mentioned at all and that should be explicitly stated nowadays.

What about Windows7 ?

Sure if we are talking about 32 bit only, then mentioning Vista probably is enough since win 7 is basically the same …“OS”

At the same time because win 7 has 2 IE browsers and due to lack of support in IE8 x64 say for Flash as one of the examples) users have to use 32bit version when they need Flash and x64 version of IE when they don’t
… Java has 2 flavours… and so on…

So what about Vengine / win 7 / x86 /x64 / IE8 32bit /IE864bit /Firefox 32bit … etc.?

Any tips from developers regarding the installation and compatibility due to that mess would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

P.S. a side note: I wrote “Windows7” as a concatenated term because the weirdness of the Search here that does not allow “1 symbol” word to be present … due to that you may find some stuff about win 7 if one would search for windows 77 (I wish… probably that one will be worth of trying ;D )