CVA crashes when using excluded paths


Everytime I want to use CVA with excluded paths it simply crashes.
After a crash Inspector IIXII says: “Timeout while waiting for debug event!”

It also happens when the paths aren’t selected.
I have to remove all custom paths completely in order to make CVA work.

I’m using Win Xp SP3 32bit

Hi Philee,

We have notified the developers about the issue.

In the mean time, if you have more details on the crash, it would be great. like CVA version, DB version, specific exclusion path, screen shots. Anything that helps the developers reproduce the crash.


Hi Rahul,

Unfortunately I don’t know what useful information I can give.

First I thought the reason was that I included exclusions path which were in a junction folder. But it seems it doesn’t matter where the exclusion path is. If I have at least one exclusion path CVA crashes, whether it’s activated or not.

I use CIS only with Firewall & D+ and also NOD32 v4.
The significant programs in the background running are: O&O Defrag 11, Eboostr 3, RMClock, Process Lasso 3.52
The HDD is 160GB big with 3 partitions.
I use some junction points. For example I have the folder “Programe Files” which points to “Programme”.

I wanted to exclude the Opera Profile folder, so that CVA doesn’t always scan it, because it contains many cache files.
But also setting a path from another partition which doesn’t even get scanned causes CVA to crash.

The details of CVA are:
Product Version:
Database Version: 1.182

I don’t know which screenshots could be useful and what information you could still need.
If you still need specific information just tell me.

Best regards

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