Customized desktop shortcuts for CIS

You should recognize these icons… they appear in CIS’ Misceallneous > About window depending on the part(s) you install. The same icons I used to make the website buttons.

Inside each ZIP file is a simple WinRAR SFX for each shortcut, an icon folder (creted in CIS install dir) and the original CIS shortcut in case you don’t like the custom ones. Each shortcut installer simply extracts to the shared desktop folder and will delete each other’s shortcut (unless it was prior renamed). Because the path to the shared desktop is different between XP (and older) and Vista (and newer) there is a ZIP file for each OS.

Please use the icon SFX first otherwise the shortcuts might assume the default “blank file” icon.

Taste and enjoy. :stuck_out_tongue: I did this for fun.

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