customizable ip addreress blocklist (block ip address ranges)

I’d like comdo to have multable different ways for a configuriable (ip address block RANGE list)

I have a list of ip address ranges that I like to block and I also have a list of ip address of a country I’d like to block(I’d like to block china) I get quite abit of pings and scans that can be traced backed to china. I don’t speak, read, or write chinese. I don’t wan’t any commuication from them. In fact a small %% percent of virus’s come from chinaT
That’s why I want to block those ranges. I know they can get around it. BUT I’d like to protect my computer and some of the networks from certian sources (I like to defend the network layer by layer

Im sure there are people that network with other people in China, but I don’t. I’d like to have that option
If it can be done I got a list of ipaddress ranges that need to be done, the ranges are basicly

Would comodo consider making this available

Theres other places that do this , but I like to see if comodo would do it

This can be done. In version 3.5.x, open Comodo, click on the Firewall button at the top & click on “My Blocked Network Zones”. From the window that pops up, click on Add>A New Blocked Address.

There, you can block everything, a single IP address, a range of IP addresses, an IP address mask, a host name and a MAC address.

However, it would be nice to be able to import/export blocklists. That (import/export block lists) is mentioned in tor345’s nice “Suggestions for future versions…” wishlist thread, in section 7.

Being able to import/export just seems fairly obvious for a firewall application, you know?

There are quite a few existing formats to pick from, so the wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented here.


This part of the wishList is a good Idea , but, (:NRD)
I think another improvement should be included.
The Import/Export option should work great but also on the System Tray COMODO icon should include 2 more options in the FireWall settings zone for the “My Blocked Network Zones” ,

  1. enable/disable “My Blocked Network Zones” and
  2. Block HTTP/UnBlock HTTP for “My Blocked Network Zones”
    This way as a security manager (parent or boss), you can limit the Internet activity when necessary.


Has any one in The DEV group read and or decided to respond to the Wish lists.
This Wish is a good and “quite frankly” a necessary one for any one needing to limit the online activity, not just for their self, but for any one in their network.

Hi all,
The forums are monitored on a fairly regular basis by staff.
But don’t necessarily hold your breathe for a direct yea or nay to anything.
There are a lot of people that “need” a button for this or that and all are “important”.

A couple of suggestions
If you want to manage a whack of lists and quickly enable disable http.
Check out Peerguardian2

If you want to control as a parent or boss look into K9.
Both of the above do what they do do well.
And they are free and they leave your security suite to do what it does well.

Enjoy… Later

Hello “Bad Frogger”
Thank you for your response.

I Already use Peerguardian 2 on all my systems except for Vista and Win7. Mainly because in Vista x64 and Win7 you have to run in “safe mode” because PeerGuardian 2 does not have a proper driver Cert/Sig file, that is the reason for asking Comodo to include an importable IP blocking file. Of course the Improvement of Windows helps in protecting their system by requiring the proper Driver Signature but there financial requirements are to high for independent geeks.

As for K9, it appears to me that it is similar to the Comodo capabilities, (as far as IP Blocking capabilities), but as I can see they have no importable IP blocking file capabilities.
My main reason is to create my own blocking IP list file using “BlockList Manager” to limit the capabilities of outside and inside connections to sites for personal and security reasons.

Thanks again

I 'd like to have a range - list of suspicious ip’s
A notification or a prompt popup should appear when one of those guy’s tries to acces my pc so i will be aware of their activity or (for the most suspicious) don’t let them do anything if i don’t confirm a notification

I think this idea is great, especially if you could import/export an IP list. Online Armour already does this, I’d also like to mention that in a recent review Comodo was in second place as the best free firewall.

You guys better get back to first place! lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Still waiting for blocklist support or at least possibility to batch-add IP ranges. The huge advantage within Comodo would be to use the blocked ranges per application through rules.


Been using Comodo for a while now and I like it but this is a make or break issue for me and I am going to have to go back to my older firewall. I find the absence of an Import IP Block-list feature quite basic for a firewall. I have thousands of entries of varying ranges. I can’t enter these by hand - its not practical. I don’t want to use PG for various reasons. My older firewall handled custom block-lists (generated by Block-list Manager - a 3rd party app) just fine. I think perhaps the reason Comodo doesn’t have this feature is the devs are concerned this will result in Comodo having high CPU usage as ones block-list grows. This does happen but as far as I am concerned its well worth it.

Hopefully Comodo will implement this in the future. Great firewall otherwise and totally free to boot - which my earlier firewall is not.

  • One Billion!! It would be an AWESOME fucntion to be able to import a block list :-TU

I cant manually input 1,991,970,188 IP’s over 228,441 ranges :o I currently use protowall, and have used peergardian 2. However these programs no longer seem to be developed and are still quite buggy i find.

Surly having COMODO manage this would be more secure, more stable, and use less resources due to not needing to have multiple programs running?

PLEASE implement this functionality :slight_smile:

i have make the same request in this topic:

the request is integrate a gui of peerblock(peerblock is the project based of peerguardian)into the firewall;i use peerblock but the scope is the setup of a only filter because if i have comodo firewall and peerblock the connection will be monitor 2 times while if this function is integrated into comodo the connection will be monitor oly one times…sorry for my poor english…

Comodo my favorite amongst firewalls. Totally on my wishlist : import list blocked ip addresses. This feature is a necessity. Otherwise one need to update manually and this almost is a tantalus task in itself.
Comodo programers - This is a request you can’t deny us. Thankx from AFRICASIAEURODOTCOM :slight_smile: