Customer Support

If you have already read through your product’s help guide (if applicable) and have not been able to solve your issue, there are several ways you can contact us.

We suggest you first visit the Support Portal at There you will find:

  • Dynamic Knowledgebase: Our knowledgebase has over 500 searchable articles within it that we update and add to on a daily basis. It contains information on a variety of different topics for all of our products, and tries to be as explicit as possible in its explanations. If you find inaccurate, incomplete, or just plain unhelpful, information within the knowledgebase, please let us know by using the comments and rating system which will allow us to further improve the existing articles or add new ones.
  • Interactive Troubleshooters: Our troubleshooters can help you determine the root causes of issues, as well as point you to information that will help you solve them. These troubleshooters were designed given our company’s collective experience supporting hundreds of thousands of users over the past years, and will help guide you to typical explanations to common issues. Please also let us know if you have comments about existing troubleshooters and thoughts about new troubleshooters you would like us to add.
  • Online Ticket Submission: our online ticket submission system will take you through the process of submitting a support ticket to our support staff. It will ask you to provide information which will expedite the handling of your ticket, and will also suggest possible solutions to your issues even before you submit a ticket to us.

This Forum is also an excellent source of support information for our products, and it’s quite possible that other users have experienced the exact same issue you are currently experiencing and have outlined a solution for it. As such, before posting a new question on the forum, please be sure to search through the forum FAQs, search through existing posts and read through the forum policy which can be found within the New Member section. Comodo developers, support staff and even the CEO (!), constantly monitor the forums, so your questions are sure to be answered. If you would like to report a bug with the forum itself, please send a private message (PM) to one of the moderators.

Certain products also come with Phone Support and you can find the appropriate phone number within the support portal here. Please note that we do not offer phone support for free products, other than Trial SSL certificates.

We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you solve your issue.