Custom zoom?

I’m relatively new to Comodo Dragon so I’m still finding my way around but the page zoom really annoys me. I can change the zoom using preset options, but not custom levels. It’s not the font size that’s the problem, I’m just fussy about my page size. 125 is too small but 150 is too big! Is there something obvious I’m overlooking?

Hi and welcome Dovahkiin,
This can be achieved by using one of the following extensions.
Zoom- Zoom for Google Chrome - Chrome Web Store
Zoom All- (My personal choice) :-TU

‘Zoom’ has variable zoom customization but appears to cause a slight zooming lag on some systems, in my opinion ‘Zoom All’ appears to zoom smoother/instantly and has 10% increments.

Searching the ‘Web Store’ may find other extensions suitable.

Hope that helps.

I tried the second link, works perfectly! Thanks captainsticks!

You are welcome.
Good to hear that it was a solution for you, thanks. :-TU