Cursed and swore and vowed never to use CIS ever again

Installed CIS (trial), let it do its thing and then added the licence key to update it to full program. Ran a full scan and when that finished, shut down the pc and went to bed.
This morning I switched on the pc, went to make a brew and came back to the pc…WTF!&^%$&
On the screen was a message window telling me that my subscription has expired and did I want to buy another…but I only bought this licence key 2 days ago! Time to ask Comodo what the hell are they playing at!!
Opened Chrome, typed in Comodo/enter…DING up pops a red tab telling me that chrome cannot open this page (never seen a tab like this before), so I tried it again…DING, same again, red tab.
This time I decided to read the rest of the “can’t do this message (and here’s a tip for you all) READ ALL THE MESSAGE. After the bit that says “chrome cannot open this page” it continued with " your computer date and time may need adjusting”. On checking the date and time in Control Panel, it was reading 2009, hence the reason Comodo said my subscription was out of date.
Changed the date and re installed the licence key…hey presto, everything is fine again now and even my original query VK not opening…now it does!
Sorry Comodo for cursing you for a problem that wasn’t your doing but was instead that of an incompetent pc user. Next time when I do a re install of XP, I’ll check the date and time.


Even if this post is late now, but at one is really funny. But i know it too. I had this problem with an old blue 20 years old 30 kg lightweight iMac having an expired memory battery… on every booting up. Naturally. I always had to adjust it in the software. Try to grab your way through 30 kg soldered hardware…Brrrrrr :-\