Current status (to-do list)

  • The guide for Comodo Firewall Pro 3 seems to be complete (?), so I guess we should focus on reviewing it, and make changes if needed.

  • Add guides for setting up popular P2P-software (uTorrent, LimeWire…) and VPN-solutions?
    And also gaming consoles (X-box/X-box 360, PS3, Wii).

  • Complete General Internet Security\Home PC and Internet Security Best Practices.

  • Write a user guide for Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4 too.

  • Create the pages ComodoWiki:Copyrights and Help:Editing.

  • What do we use for wiki Catagories? There don’t seem to be any defined, and it seems to be the basis for the search and index capabilities. Ideas come to mind for Book: FAQ: HowTo: ErrorMsgs:

Last update: 10 Aug, 2008