Curious behaviour in Launch Pad


I’ve noticed an odd thing in Launch Pad - not a serious thing, but odd nevertheless.

If I start my PC and manually start Launch Pad (don’t ask why I have to manually start it, I just do ;)), the context menu of the CLP tray icon doesn’t have the arrow heads on the CAV and CPF entries indicating further possible choices.

If I select, for example, CPF from the CLP context menu, after shutting the CPF app window down, the arrow head and further choices are avilable from the CLP context menu. The same sequence happens with the CAV - CLP context menu entry.

Is it just me?

ewen :slight_smile:

Is it just me?
???I can still see the arrow heads, and everything else is fine here.

Same here. Everything seems fine

I was just going to post about this when I read your problem.

I get the same thing but it will happen when ever I restart my computer. Launch Pad starts on its own. No nead to Manually start launch pad here.

I am going to try to attach a couple of images. The first one is Launch Pad right at start up. The second one is after I go in to CPF and then go to launch pad again.

The third Image is just that the icon in front of Personal Firewall has changed to an extra Down ARROW instead of The Firewall Icon.

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