CUnite Ping & Lan

I’ve installed CUnite on a couple of computers and I’m getting a common error over all of them.
I have created a network and joined it. On two of the machines I forwarded all the ports.

I can connect, chat, share applications, use remote desktop… but I can not ping or join a LAN game using the host’s CUnite IP. When I try to ping I just time out.

Also, one of the computers is a fresh install that I just finished setting up an hour ago.
I’ve had a look on the boards but I cannot find a solution. The network is displayed as Unidentified Network and is set as public also. I can’t change it.

Thanks for your help. I’ve wrangled with so much VPN software it’s ridiculous.

For anyone reading this with similar problems… I can ping now.

I went into the ‘Manage Network’ option - this opens the settings via a webpage.
In the network type I changed the selection from ‘custom’ to ‘unite built in’ and then ‘gaming’

Hope this helps someone out.