CUnite for Free! Will it be a dead project?


I just notice that CUnite cannot be purchased anymore.
That means it will be for free for good… or does it mean that it will be a dead project?

No further development/anouncements makes me believe it will be added to the CDP list. :cry:

CUnite has always been free.

For Personal Use, yes…

But for business there was a charge per license (available in packages).
So this one is not available anymore… if it has been removed it means now its free for personal and commercial use.

So, is it entering the end stage of its development life-cycle.

I haven’t seen anything to indicate it is not being developed further.

[b]Please note : The above is an end users opinion and not an official announcement from Comodo.

Please do not assume that CUnite is free for non-personal use until this is officially confirmed or denied by Comodo.

Until Comodo make an announcement, it is best to assume its previous status is unchanged.[/b]

Oops! I forgot to place the question mark on my last sentence.

It should have been like this:
“So, is it entering the end stage of its development life-cycle??”

Have you seen BETA editions being released? No.
Have the latest version bugs been fixed? No.
Was the commercial edition removed from Comodos Website? Yes.
All these seems to indicate that CUnite is “going down”.

I have posted and clarify my previous post. I guess it should have been better for you to PM first.
But either way, thank you.

I am not assuming. I know its that way (CUnite free for personal user and has a price for non-commercial use).

See facts here:
Virtual Private Network (Comodo Unite) - Hassle Free VPN Client | Comodo (previous commercial link removed)

Sorry about the above confusion.
After all, my question remains:

Is it CUnite becoming a Discontinued Product?


Seems that a new remote access application is being borned. :-TU
LogInPro… shhh, you didnt hear it from me. :-X

Probably I answered my own question found at the original post.

Melih talked exactly 1 year ago about LoginPro:;msg520560#msg520560.
It was an alpha version and he pointed it’s a web based solution.
The main page is but it seems that account register doesn’t work so I cannot try it out.

Is there some further information about this project?
When will it be ready for beta testing?
Pro means pay?

Thanks for the info mahg.

I happened to know from LogInPro by other source.
This brings me to believe that the release of this product would be only matter of a few months now.

Everything points on the direction that this might be a paid product.

Comodo LoginPro is on.
Check this out: