Cunit Network Conference Chat Issue

I start to use Cunite recently. It works very well with one to one chat session and file sharing. However, after I created a network and invite friends joning in, we can only see the message of ourself during conference chat. We can not see other people’s post. Not sure what is the issue? Does everyone needs to be on your contact list to see their messages? I sent out network password for friends to join. Not everyone is on my contact list. Thanks!

not sure to be honest does ppl need to be in network, in order to see they posts.

if you can’t see others in network, make sure youu have check in menu contacts → show offline contacts

if you are still unable to see them in you network, you might try port forward

Thanks for the quick reply. I can see my offline contacts and online contacts. The problem is when other users post a message on the conference chat of the Network, I can not see them. Or vice versa, if I post a message on the network, people can not see them except me. It is strange. However, if I start a one-to-one chat, then invites other people to join the chat, everything works fine. So it is probably unlikely due to port forwarding issue since peole posting messages on the Network are on direct connection.

hmm, i would like to jump in to one of your network, just to see how does it works, if you don’t mind :wink:

but i don’t see a solution for it ;/

hum … i just test it on my computers and it’s work fine for me.

does everyone in chat see each others messages or they can’t see it as well ? if they are able to see it, problem might be with configuration on your end.

I sent you a personal message so that you can test on my network. Many thanks!

on my comodo i see you as a relay. next thought i have. try add all of your contact to comodo’s contact list. after that ( when ppl will show on you contact list ), try chat again