cumon.sys BSOD !

I get cumon.sys BSODs right after windows logon.

The driver is Comodo signed.
I hhave installed Easy VPN, SystemCleaner and CPM.
I think it is related to the CPM?
Am i right?
Google does not find “cumon.sys”…


This driver was not loading (file missing) and I’ve deleted it with Autoruns.
I think it’s related to CPM (as System Cleaner is standalone and I do not use Easy VPN).
Right now, I’m not able to install CPM as it crashes as soon as it’s loaded.

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Indeed cumon.sys is a kernel component of CPM.
Can you please give us the details about your Operating System and all other security products installed?
Please send us the memory dump if you have any.


I also experienced this. I couldn’t figure out what was causing it and thought it was another software I had recently installed. I’ve now uninstalled CPM anyway.

I’m running Windows 7 x64

I’m running CIS Premium, Emisoft Anti-Malware Free, Malwarebytes Free, SusperAntiSpyware Free, and Hitman Pro Free. I believe CIS should be the only one with any kind of active protection. The others may have a process running, but I wouldn’t think it can interfere with anything.

Let me know if you need any more information. Sorry, I don’t have the minidump files.

Exactly my situation, although I did not have a BSOD but just a CPM crash.


I’m new here. I also got the BS and even the safe mode cannot start. same BS message. so have no chance to uninstall the program. Need urgent help!!!

Tnanks in advance.


Can you boot in “Last know good configuration”? (press F8 while booting).

BSOD with cumon.sys at Windows 7 32 bits CPM .44 version.
0x00000135 (0xC0000005, 0xD188C0F0, 0x8B438A50, 0xCF495C00)
No dump file due to CTM restrictions.