cumon.sys - BSOD 0x3b - restart every hour

I had some trouble with the system - BSOD 0x3b and cyclic reboot which equals an hour (± 2 sec.)
I have tried many solutions (from microsoft sites and specialized forums).
I tested the memory, disks, stress test and others - I did not find problems with hardware.
I found the cause and brutal solution trying. >:-D
Problem is “cumon.sys” - located in minidump file stack (from BSOD).
I turned off Comodo (services on start, processes) and the problem stopped.
When I turned again Comodo - the issue back.

What do you think about this? ???

PC (not overclocked): Win 7 Pro x64; Gigabyte z77x-ud3h; intel i7 3370k; 16GB RAM; GeForce 660 Ti; WiFi card TL-WN851ND; system on SSD and for data 2x500GB in RAID.
Comodo Version: Comodo Internet Security Premium

Bug Check Code: 0x0000003b
Param1: 0x00000000c0000005
Param2: 0xfffff880017c0095
Param3: 0xfffff8800bbd3570
Param4: 0x0000000000000000

cumon.sys - Address 0xfffff880017c0095 base at 0xfffff880017bf000 DateStamp 0x4e64a34a
File version: 6.1.7600.16385 built by: WinDDK

CPM is a discontinued program. A solution from Comodo is not to be expected. :-\

Thanks for info.
Comodo was removed - problem solved.
Please, close this issue.