CU and profiles

Comodo unite starts only under that profile where it was installed. Suppose on PC I have 3 user: User1, User2, User3. If I installed CU under User1 account, under User2 and User3 CU wouldn’t start automatically.
I try it on 2 PC under WinXP SP3 x32 and one under Win7 x64.
Use version
In “Option-General-Startup” all box checked.

so what’t the problem ?

So in this and the problem. If I could work with all computers at once, why I would need a VPN? I install CU under my profile, then went to another location, on the PC sits the other person and I do not have access.

comodo come’s up with service. if service is not set up on everysingle account around pc, there is no way you can use comodo.