CTX*.TMP files for each manual scan

After each manual scan started from the context menu I have in the folder C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\USERNAME\Lokale Einstellungen\Anwendungsdaten\COMODO.tmp a new CTX*.tmp (ctx0.tmp, ctx1.tmp and so on) file. These files seems never deleted by CIS.

Why is that a bug according to you?

Why is this not a bug for you? :wink:

These files are complete useless and wasted hard disc space and at some point there are hundrets of files and then slow down CIS.

Hundreds is a lot indeed. That is out of the ordinary. I checked the folder on my system and saw only 5 files of 1 kB size.

What happens when you manually delete them? Do they come back or not?

I just checked, i have 100 files, total size 1.02MB


Windows XP Media Center SP3

When I delete the files, they don’t come back until the next manual scan, than it starts again at CTX0.tmp.

I just let it run the System disk scan and I still have the mentioned 5 files. Odd…

With “manual scan” I mean a scan from the explorer context menu (right click on an file in the explorer and then COMODO Antivirus) for individual files.

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I am scanning the system32 folder and have still 5 files of the same size in the .tmp folder after 10.000 files scanned. I am Win 7 RC …

Can anybody add their experiences here? Please state your OS.

I have 91 ctx*.tmp, one for each scan with cavscan.exe, it seems. If I open the .tmp folder and scan something with cavscan.exe, I see that a new .tmp file is created.

Windows XP Pro SP3.

It’s not the number of files per scan, which increase the ctx*.tmp files, it’s only the manual scan itselft (wether 1 file ore hundrets of files per scan), which counts.

I have XP SP3

I forgot to tell that I started the scan of the system32 folder from the explorer context menu. Sorry for forgetting to mention that. I am on Win 7 RC.