Ctrl+Alt+Delete does not work and displays an error could it be a virus?

Hi, when I press Ctrl+Alt+Delete I get the message “Task Manager has been disables by your administrator.” Which would make some sort of sense if I were a user on a network like a college except im not I am on my own computer managed by my self on no network and I am the only account on it (MS XP) of which I am administrator. I came to wonder is it a virus? Maybe someone from this excellent community would like to enlighten me :SMLR


I actually had that happened to my old workplace PC ;D.

It was some kind of spyware/trojan/infection alright. Nevertheless, there are many solutions to get it back. Here’s one:

Horah! it worked big thanks to you :slight_smile: last bit on that site didn’t make sense so I used my own initiative :stuck_out_tongue:

You mean “Exit Registry and Reboot” or the “I am not responsibility for messing your computer” legality?

I’d be more concerned of cleansing your PC. Try one of these products.

No the bit about opening the modify menu and changing 1 to 0. And (:LGH) at the link to “cleansers” but I’m a guy and don’t wear make-up well over here it’s a strange thing to see a male with make-up on haha but then again it might be the norm for you :smiley:

Seems that you figured out the 0 and 1 values and what they mean, so there you go. On my regedit, I don’t even have that System key itself.

That cleanser was meant as a joke. Didn’t thought you take it seriously :-. What I meant was you should be scanning your PC for malware. The fact that your Task Manger was disabled unknowingly…

Oh no I wasn’t taking it seriously ;D I made sure I included the smileys to enforce that I understood your joke :stuck_out_tongue: