When will the final version of Comodo Time Machine 2.9 ???

Seems that CTM technology (snapshots and system restore) could be incorporated into Windows 8.
Will CTM survive? Will it continue be developed?

First image leaked on Win8 about this issue


(source: http://www.askvg.com/windows-8-system-reset-image-leaked-restore-to-original-factory-settings/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+AskVG+(AskVG))

Oh no… Is it really a sector restore of a file one?
Seems that we have the old (and bad) system restore back…
This is not the snapshot (low level) technology that uses the free space on the disk.
And restore the factory settings seems the same as a backup recovery…

Please, please, bring it back the CTM technology!

I don’t see any difference from the windows restore point that is the current windows.

I want CMT active again :slight_smile: and +1 for you tech

I wasn’t aware system restore could take your Windows install back to its default state… 88)

But no, if that is all the configurability the OS version will have, it doesn’t look like a snapshot driven application will be redundant.

so any more news on this guys?

we need more news pls…

But this is not, by itself, a snapshot feature. It could be just a file backup.

Yes, this is nothing compared to the snapshot powerful.

Rollback Rx is being “kept” on version 9 and seems the technology will be joined with backup (sector backup) program of them. Not good also. But Rollback Rx works like a charm, stable, which proves the technology and the CTM code could be ironed and be a champ.

If even you, Comodo’s CEO, could get an answer from Redmond people, which can we, simple mortals, do for it? :cry:

The main reason i see to keep developing CTM is, even if Microsoft makes a CTM like program, I can see malware start to target it, while yes, MS may fix the exploits that could eventually be found, people will always find ways to break it. CTM could keep going… and if it gets enough users, it would hold on to them when windows 8 comes our in 2013.

IMO, CTM should keep going, because MS Time Machine will be the mostly used, making it the target for malware writers.

If we read the description:
"undo changes to programs and settings but leave user accounts and personal files unchanged".

So it will probably use shadow copies of \Program files and fiddle around in \Users and some similar stuff in the registry probably, so this isn’t even 30% of what CTM does/can do. Whatever it does it does so by the filtering rules of M$ and it’s not saving you from trouble in your “personal files” as it doesn’t support time travel of those.

I hope CTM get’s back on track ;D

Right now, CTM could be bypassed by some rootkits also. It needs to be ironed.



More leaks here;

Thanks Ronny.
History vault is a similar to Time Machine which is a feature present in Apple’s Mac OS. History Vault allows you to backup your important files to another drive.
It seems a backup feature and NOT a low level snapshot technology.
Apple Time Machine has similar programs for Windows.
But we’re talking about snapshots and not file backup.

Apples Time Machine is 100% backup software