CTM with Windows 10 (How to access the console to uninstal)

Please colleagues, I need a help to uninstall the CTM instaled in Windows 10 but I can´t access the sub-console with the home key and the restauration is very slow, I don´t know if it will conclude. I have installed CTM V. 2.9.161985.187 in Windows 10, maybe this is the problem. Thank you!

Why would you think CTM2.9beta (which was out in 2010) could be used on Win10 ? :P0l

Consider CTM dormant and only think about using it if you’re using Win7 or below.

Dormant? I would have placed a head stone above it.

Sometimes, I’d like to use mild words. :slight_smile: Anyway, as I said I still have CTM2.9beta on my Win7 systems. I’d say it’s one of the most valuable programs I’ve ever used.