CTM with SSD Disks

Win7, Intel SSD, Trim
seems this combo does not work with ctm, snapshot failures, bsod´s, profile resets

any chance of adding support for ssd disks?

Seven X64, SSD, no TRIM. All perfect here.

i´ve tried switching driver to “intel matrix”
by doing this i lost any automatic trim by not using the default win7 driver

i´ve tried manual trim instead using ssd toolbox 1.2
after manual trim using intels ssd toolbox ctm´s baseline & snapshots are permanently lost

burebista, arent you using any trim at all?

seems i must choose :-
less performance\more wear not using trim “vs” ctm´s convenience using snapshots

Corsair S128 here, no TRIM for it unfortunately. :frowning:

ah, i see

this is pita, im also licensed user of rollback rx and there´s same phenomena with that program,
ctm looks & feels so much better and was hoping for a transition to ctm with this final release

intel´s toolbox v1.1 was revoked by intel due to deleting restorepoints, now fixed with 1.2 but this is just as bad
ssd drives are gaining popularity so likely this question will arise again

hi, Bionic
Thanks for your feedback! We noticed this tip and are trying to find out what problem it is. It will be fixed in the future.

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Please disable TRIM and install CTM. CTM only works on SSD with trim disabled.

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You mean, we should sacrifice our SSD speed and lifespan? No thanks.

no i wouldn´t turn that off (no one will) comodo should look into this asap
alternatively develop two different versions & latter version with optional defrag
more begin to buy ssd, being able to use a product like ctm they will love you

I second this


Thanks for all your support! We have noticed the severity of this problem and we are looking into it for a solution, but the CTM 157 or the next build will not support TRIM. I am so sorry for this, but we will surely try our best to resolve the issue. Thank you very much!

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I’m interested to know how the actual status regarding SSD and TRIM is. When will this feature be part of CTM?

Last post on the work on decision support problems TRIM command was more than a year ago. Since then, there is any progress on this issue?

Thank you.

There isn’t any progress in CTM… The problem is deeper than just a feature/support.
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