CTM Wallpapers!!!

Hey Guys

Made Some CTM wallpapers.

Hope you like them… ;D

Oh and do post sentences you come up with.

Attached ZIP with BMP files with higher size picture.

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nice :-TU

Comodo Time Machine— When you need a do-over ;D

Do you have a wallpaper without the extra text? “The time controller” etc.

I can try… but im going to bed now.

Please no black color.It is depressing.

Please keep black color.It is cheerful.


Here is what was asked…

1 with Comodo Time Machine— When you need a do-over.
1 without words, just CTM and Comodo Picture.
1 without words, just CTM & CIS with Comodo Picture.

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Thank you very much! Perfect :slight_smile:

Why is there one version of the CTM symbol with a red arrow, and one with a grey arrow? ???


Your :stuck_out_tongue: is !ot! .

Where did you find that one?

Better yet, can you get me the current one, just like that?


I found it in one of the exe files. :wink:

The red version is used only in this screen, isn’t it?


I think so. :wink:

Anyway the Gray one looks better IMO.

!ot! Btw anyone notice that the CTM “clock” has more hours then a normal clock?

CTM clock should have 24 hours dial.

I am glad that you think so.

But–it has 16

Yup so a day would have 32 hours acording to CTM. :smiley:

I don’t think it’s supposed to reflect an actual clock face. It’s just a cog/gear with clock hands stuck to it.

The best time machine there ever was… or will be… When it goes RTM/final. :smiley:

!ot! Is there a giant CIS logo like this? I’d like to try making simple yet elegant CIS wallpapers with it. :slight_smile:
Do I have to PM an admin to get it? Teh all mighty Google hath failed meh.

I’ll post a sample of what my idea looks like, later. I’m at school. Wallpapers are at home.