CTM vs. Wondershare Time Shuttle

Recetnly there was released a new system restore product called Wondershare Time Shuttle. What do you think about it? Have anyone tried it? How is it compared to CTM?



Not familiar with Wondershare, but WOT reports your link as spam/phishing site.
Perhaps moderator should remove link.

CTM the best forever ;D

A funny program, is pretty much like CTM at the stage. The same questions, installation procedure and… bugs. Worse - it showed me a boot screen, CTM-like, but I never saw any error messages nor a tray icon (not sure if it should be, suppose yes). It exists in a programs list but won’t execute with a message that I have not enough privilege to run it. That’s wonder cuz I got an administrator status. The worst is they want 40 bucks for that ■■■■.

Guys, thank you for your answers. Before I install some software I want to know as much information about it as possible. I tried Rollback, but I can not install it, because it freezes my computer. I tried to install CTM, but also can not install it, because it does not suppert RAID disks. So I was curious about this piece of software, if you have some experience with it (and if it is not a remake of some above mentioned software). Thanks

I think CTM cannot be compared against, especially being free.

Definitely true. And, if I had to choose, I would suppose the integrity of the information is much more important than speed. Well, in my case. Never heard of programs of that kind supporting RAID. Backup programs only - Acronis may be, Norton Ghost, Paragon but htey are all payed. Not sure if Comodo Backup supports RAID. Kyle?