CTM vs Other Comodo Products?

i have a question that may not make sense, but, if comodo time machine can revert back to any snapshot or system state you want, what is the point of CIS, CPM, or any other program? if i dont want a program i can just revert back before ive installed it, or if i had a virus ill just revert back? is this not the right way to use this or am im missing something? i figure if used right, ctm could replace all other products, so an overall question would be,

why use anything else?
should i do this method?
why or why not?
is this ethical or safe?
can a virus kill this method if the mbr got attacked? is that a failure or loophole?

first of all ctm isn’t in development at the moment and has not been updated in a long time.and if you dont use any antivirus say something gets on your pc and gets hold of your banking info or anything else what good would reverting back to a clean state to with ctm?even with ctm use an antivirus or some sort of security.

ok so the banking thing makes sense, so my response to this is,

what about something like shadow defender or geswall? in the choice between that, what then? or even deepfreeze

the problem i see again is a MBR attack, wouldnt this kill the whole system? so even something like geswall or shadow defender or time machine would be useless