CTM Uninstalling.... sort of.

I installed the latest version of CTM to try it out. I liked it and love its potential, but it seemed to be doing some funny things to my disks, which yesterday started reporting lots of free space even though the Low Disk Space warning appeared in the system tray and windows was failing when it tried to write to the logs on C: (as if c: was full)

I cannot confirm yet if that is because of CTM or something else so to try and confirm it I set about uninstalling CTM, which asked for a reboot and started its uninstall program before windows loaded, however I’m a little worried as it has been uninstalling now for about 10 hours, the HD light is on, flicking occasionally and I can hear the HD working but it seems to be taking one heck of a long time to uninstall… is this normal ?! :-[

I have excactly the same problem, how did you uninstall CTM?

I have exactly the same problem, how did you uninstall CTM?

same here. I had to format the hard disk, because after trying the uninstall of CTM, I wasn’t able even to reboot my system in safe mode… >:(

Uninstallation may take a long time depending on how much data you have written since ctm is installed.

I ended up rebooting the computer before the uninstall and finished (presses the reset key) and running the uninstall again (and then rebooting again)… and then again (without rebooting this time)… and FINALLY it seems all traces of Time Machine had (thankfully!) gone from my machine.

I know its only a beta product… but geez…

NOTE: I DO NOT RECOMMEND REBOOT HALFWAY THROUGH AN UNINSTALL, I got lucky, it may very well completely bork your machine if you try it.

Well they call it an RC but it could be an Alpha if you read the trouble here :cry: