CTM Sub-Console not appearing

Hi, I have a computer here stuck in an infinite loop. It has Win7 Pro, and CTM 2.8.155286.178, and no matter how many times I hit the Home key, and whether I use the Fn key or not, and even plugging in a USB keyboard and trying it, none of them bring up the sub-console. It beeps after I press Home so many times, so I know the keyboards are working…is my only option rebuilding the MBR, or is there a different way into the sub-console (or is the sub-console not in this version?)?

I should mention that CTM loads the image, but then when Windows boots, it tries to finish updates (registry entries) after which it will reboot without loading Windows, which of course prompts CTM to reload. Is there any way to get Windows updates to work more seamlessly with CTM, or would it be better to update manually (I have about a dozen or so PCs to do this on).

Thanks in Advance!