CTM Storage Location

Where does CTM store the snapshots? I cannot seem to find them anywhere, but I know that I’m just totally missing it.

Chuck Billow

It stores its snapshots in a special part of the drive’s freespace.

So where would I look if I wanted to be sure I was backing them up?


You would have to use a program that images the WHOLE drive (meaning all of its sectors).

The whole drive Zero, or just the partition (such as C") that is protected? And are the snapshots only meant to be restored in total – like Windows Restore?


  1. The whole drive (At least, I think).
  2. Correct, all snapshots that are currently available will be available when restoring that image.

OK, got it.


Well, a bit of a problem perhaps.

While we were talking, I decided I wanted to move my Time Machine files (uninstall/reinstall). But when I went to do so, it asked me for my login info, and then wouldn’t accept it!

I am the only one on this machine, so I use the same login/password for everything (local), so I can’t imagine how I would ■■■■■ that up. But I did. so now?


Sorry I do not use CTM so cannot be 100% sure, but I believe the default login is Adminstrator with your password if you never input a login and password.

I hope someone who knows for sure will confirm this.


I’ll give that a shot.


That was it Dennis.



If MBR keeps the CTM information… otherwise, no.