CTM restore registry?

  I changed my system registry to make IE 64 my default browser from shell commands.   I restrored my system to baselin in CTM 2.8 . The only IE I can access is still the 64 bit version.  Maybe 2.9 would be better for me inspite of the slow restore. If it includes registry in backup.

CTM restores everything including the registry.

When you went back to the baseline snapshot then that means that this snapshot did not have the IE64 default browser registry adaptation you made. It was made before you adapted the registry.

 Thats what I thought from my previous experience. But my shell command change seems to have stayed past the back dating. I have Norton beta and it's supposed to protect the registry. I wonder if its able to some how resist the time travel. Sounds fancier to describe  problems in the Sci Fi style. :)

I have to say Norton didn’t survive the restore so I don’t think it was involved. Lastpass draws on the cloud and might of reset some things. Or my system is compromised straight up. Mabe I’ll delet CTM do a restore off the facory OS reinstall. And use CTM 2.9. Making sure I have someting to do for an hour if I do restore. Though if the mouse jitter I had last time recrops up. That won’t work. There were other possible expalnations for that isssue though. This restore not fixing everything is a weird problem that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

My bets are on Lastpass because it gets data that are not on the hard drive.