CTM question to use or not to use?

Hello, great forum!! :wink:
Very happy user of CIS 5 RC2, planning to use backup software.
I am looking into Acronis 2011 and CTM and don’t know how to decide.
What I would like to do is:

  1. Have program that is stable and will not create problems, like not being able to boot or something.
  2. Backup my C: everyday on external hard drive connected via USB…
  3. Ability to restore before Windows starts, like program starts before windows logo
  4. Ability to backup in realtime, also Windows system files, settings etc…
  5. Scheduled backup

a) So, what CTM can do for me from the above?
b) Is there tutorial how to use this thing?

My system, if it matters:
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit fully updated
HDD: WD 500GB, external also WD 500GB
Security: CIS 5 RC2

Thanks for any and all info!

P.S. I am writing this from work and don’t have time to look into this forum and I want to try this tonight, but need some confirmation and answers to the above.

Backup and System Restore are 2 different functionalities.

You should take a look Comodo Backup for backup functionality.

Comodo Time Machine is a System Restore product.


Sorry if this sounds stupid from my side, but in order to restore something, it first has to have a backup copy?

So, for example in D+ window, when there is option to check to make a CTM snapshot, what it does is exactly what?
Will check out comodo backup, thanks for the tip! :-TU

Ok, I seem to get it now, or so I hope:
Comodo Backup does the whole system or what I want!
Comodo Time Machine only crisical Windows systems, like registry and important windows files?

Am I right?
Also, I read that with CTM I can’t defrag, can I with Comodo Backup?

Thanks! :-TU

No. Snapshots aren’t backups. They’re stored in the free space of the disk. The disk surface information is kept, not a backup file.

It takes a snapshot of the disk state. You can restore it if the file run at D+ was a malware, for instance.

Yes you can.
You need to understand CTM technology. It’s not a backup tool.

Thanks a lot, Tech!!! :-TU :-TU :-TU :slight_smile: