CTM Poll

There is still time for CTM 3 to come out.

I have read all the posts of CTM threads.

I dont install beta products on the production system.

CTM 2.8 is a stable product but few users have faced probs & some times a dangerous one.

CTM 2.9 is a beta product & works well as per the users.

Which CTM have you installed?

Any probs you faced?

Plzz mention your operating system, 32/64 bits.

Plzz vote & comment.

Hav Fun

25-30 systems - predominantly XP SP3, but a handful of Win 7 64 bit.

The only issue encountered is the slow snapshot restore time. Other than that it’s working beautifully.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I need more options to vote: “CTM 2.8 and CTM 2.9”.

5 comps, all 32 bit:

  • CTM 2.8 - very quick restoration - 1 second - 1 minute.
  • CTM 2.9 - very long restoration - 1 minute - 30 minutes.

1. Win XP SP3: CTM 2.8.
No problems.

2. Win XP SP3: CTM 2.9.
There were some insignificant problems, I even don’t remember what.

3. Win 7: CTM 2.9.
No problems.

4. Win 7: CTM 2.8.
Every 6-th start of the comp was incessant beeping until a user made restart.
Every 8-th start of the comp got freezed. I had to remove the CTM.

5. Win7: CTM 2.8.
Every 5-th start of the comp got freezed.

I guess you are talking of CTM 2.9 Beta, right?

What an observation. Can this be due to any incompatibility issue?

I have Win 7 64 on which I want to install CTM 2.8 Stable but I am afraid anything disastrous may happen as its the production system.

Hell knows. Those are the only symptoms. Waiting for CTM 3. Having Clonezilla images jic.


Self-plagiarism :):


OK, done.


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By the way, what you suggest?

Should I install CTM 2.8 or wait for CTM 3?

Is CTM 2.8 worth taking the risk of system corruption?

Does CTM 2.8 uninstalls good or leaves lots of remnants?

I found no issues with uninstalling CTM 2.8 and CTM 2.9. I do it by Revo.

But you have 32 bits system as mentioned in one of your post.

Any experience of CTM 2.8 on 64 bits system, specially 7 64?

I don’t have any 64bit experience. You can secure your comp by imaging jic. For example

Clonezilla :-TU :-TU or
Paragon Free :-TU or
Macrium :-TD or
Windows inbuilt imaging :-TD :-TD.
(disclaimer: this rating is only my humble experience and I absolutely do not insist on its universal applicability)

And full steam ahead!

I’ve used both with no problems, but choose to use 2.8 because 2.9 takes an incredibly long time to restore a snapshot, even if the change between snapshots is quite small.

Did you used CTM 2.8 on Win 7 64?

Currently have it installed?

Win XP 32bit.

No, it’s not currently installed because I’m anxiously awaiting the beta release of version 3. :slight_smile:

I have been running 2.8…178 for two weeks now without any problems

I can not install 2.9 no matter what I do the MBR hook will just not install.

I reverted back in 2.8 to my baseline uninstalled 2.8 then the computer rebooted.

I then turned off the computer and turned it on with a fresh boot.

Installed the 2.9 but the MBR hook will just not install then I reboot and its gone.

I have tried this three times so far but the same think happens every time.

Any ideas anyone ?

You can wait for the upcoming version 3 (https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-ctm/save-comodo-time-machine-t71072.0.html;msg618052#msg618052) :slight_smile:

 I have win 7 home premium 64bit with CTM 2.8.     I use a USB flash for important files( they are about 1$ per Gig nowadays.)   I have experimented the heck out of my coputer, beta testing anti virus from different makers, beta testing browsers, malware games.  CTM saves me sooo many times.  
    The only frieghtning thing about it is when you are uninstalling  LET IT FINISH. This is when the unbootable pc troubles were reported.    
   CTM 2.9 was a bad experience for me. Taking a 3 min process to an 1 hour one is a HUGE downgrade. I heard it uses linux on a seperate sector. The report on it was that it was better at driver state maintaining. I had a blinking and slow to move mouse during everyday use with 2.9 though it was not doing anything. Maybe the maintaining was overloading the CPU, I didn't like the added benifit at that cost. Or I had other malware and CTM took the blame. But the slow reinstalls is all 2.9.   CTM 2.8 quick reinstalls and no blinking mouse.