CTM no longer working? [Merged]

I know this is off topic but HELP!!!
Last week I let a stupid support tech. with a new program I had installed into my computer via a live remote support program to fix the problem…BAD Mistake! His somehow disabled my Perfectly working Comodo Time Machine Is there a way to get someone that knows what they are doing, dial in and FIX CTM I’m sure the logs etc. have to still be there.
Needing Comodo’s help desparetly. I’m a Loyal Comodo user and have been for years. I have both used freebies and paid programs.Thanks for your help in advance.
Rick Thomas


I’m not an expert in CTM, but let’s help you get help by starting with the basics. Otherwise, you won’t be getting any help like this one for example.

Now then, for professional Comodo help, see these links:

  1. https://support.comodo.com/
  2. http://help.comodo.com/

For help coming from the forum, start with this:

Revise, revise, revise.

EDIT: Add CTM version to that, too.

Do you need this new program? Most probably this program is not compatible with CTM and if you reinstall the CTM this program won’t work.
Can you write what is this new program? Does it use the MBR?

I know this is off topic but HELP!!!

How many exclamation marks would be required to report a fire, hurricane, drowning or car accident?
Apparently THIS issue (problem with computer) is even more serious. The word Help, or in this case HELP!!!, now de-valued.