ctm mbr issue..

Hi Melih,

It might be off-topic, but i want to ask one question from. I am sure that you are aware of Comodo Time Machine problem. Whenever we uninstall it, it corrupts MBR which led a non-bootable OS. When we’ll expect this to be corrected?

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there should be a release soon fixing this bug

Melih, which is this bug? Can you give us technical details: when it happen, what are the system conditions and the environment, which are the user actions that invoke the bug, etc.?
I (and a lot of other users) need to trust CTM and I think disclosing this information is fundamental for us to recover the credibility and avoid another “mysterious” bug that make us lost all data and Comodo confidence.

It’s my opinion, but I think we need to talk clear when we’re talking about acknowledgment of bugs.

CTM REALLY needs to have an MRB backup and restore facility, preferably with the ability to capture before CTM install and after and offer the choice of which one to restore.

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But also, can’t the console be reached using a CD?
What about the systems with BSODs and bad uninstallations?

You should be able to get to the console on a CTM-induced blue screen system, as the console is booted from the MBR and starts before Windows attempts to boot which is when your BSOD occurs.

Sorry, this is simple not true.
I’ve uninstalled CTM and restored the system to the current snapshot.
After that, BSOD.
What can I do in such situation? The console is not there anymore (HOME key does not work) and I cannot get into the system (BSOD in Safe Mode also). I’ve tried to get access through Windows Recovery Disk, try to correct. Nothing but the BSOD. I think some driver was left behind and give me the BSOD.
The access through a CD will allow to fully uninstall CTM…
Also, is mandatory in my opinion, that before uninstalling, CTM checks if the snapshot chose to restore is correctly working as the user won’t be able to restore to another one!

That’s a fair point.At present it’s extremely difficult to rectify this issue after the event.Unless the user has had the foresight to create a regular full disk image,data loss is a real possibility.A recovery disk with mbr backup and restore, with the ability to access a usb drive to remotely store/restore backups seems to be an eminently desirable option.

you could go in safe mode and try and fix it by uninstalling it. if ya cant. well u should be able to do a reboot from the safe mode to fix the program.

if ur on windows 7 u can always use the ^.^ the back up shit. i got my hole hard drive system image.