CTM is removed from COMODO site?

Threr’s no CTM in the free products list. Why?


Anyway, still available in the site…

At least


They just missed that.
There’s no direct link to the page from the site.


That was a direct CTM download link from Before… Try hiting “Download” and see what happens… >:-D

Ok… It’s dead now…

The download links to 2.8 and 2.9 beta are still active though in their respective release topics.

Official comodo.com download is dead, I can confirm.



Will it be updated eventually? I really like it so far

Yes, version 3.0 is being worked on.

   I have downloaded CTM 2.8 since the Aug post.    It's just not on the Comodo product site. The forum important Topics link still worked.

hello forum.
Yes ive been reading the bugs section of this product and it does not make pleasant reading at all.
Horror stories of drives being corrupted etc.
I am now of the opinion that this program does not seem to be ready for general release yet.
It seems to be a dangerous program to use and the complaints are substantial to back this up.
I notice a version 3 is on the horizon.have the bugs in this program been addressed and fixed.
Please dont mis-interpret what im saying as the idea of the time machine is wonderful and comodo as a company is great but will the version 3 be safe to use?

Kind regards. ;D

Razvan (lead developer of CTM) said one of their top focuses is stability with v3. They rearchitectured CTM to fix some major bugs. I have confidence that they will make CTM stable and reliable.

What I can say is about my experience:
I have been using two last versions 2.8 and 2.9 for about 2 years - I had never met any serious incidents. CTM have saved my comps so many times.