CTM interface?

I like it ;D

Do you?

Yes, I like it very much ;D. All COMODO products should be red.


This is what I posted in another thread.

I have just one comment at the moment. Was it necessaruy and justified to rip off GUI wordings, teminology and sentences and many of GUI,s componenets from Ayrecovery/ Eaz-Fix etc. It looks so cheapish and immoral. I wonder how mush mentall work is needed to create a new GUI, wording,s terminology and sentences when you people have already codeed such a difficult and unique software. I feel not good at all on this. I hope you people will change it as soon as possible. :-TD :-TD :-TD

See pictures in post no. 48 here.


Hey Aigle, While i agree with you that it does look a hell of a lot the same as others I think that It would be hard to give other wording without confusing people.

personally I think they have partnered with Ayrecovery.

Yes, I take back my comments.