CTM icon gone from Task Bar.

I have a lot of experience with your engine as I used a similar paid product.
What you are offering is great.
I am now using CTM.
I recently restored a snap shot and now my tack bar icon is gone.
I can run the program fine from a shortcut. I ran CTMTRAY.exe and that didn’t help.
Rebooting didn’t help.

I can confirm this bug… should be fix in next release.

Edit: It doesn’t happen always… weird.

Hi Masterblaster.
You can try to run update.exe in the installation path. Then retry to run ctmtray.exe.
If the problem is still there, please let me know.


It’s this error?


I’m having it to. But i’m afraid of uninstalling CTM… ???

Yes, this is a problem.
You can try to run update.exe in CTM installation path, and then retry to run CTM.exe.

Already try it. doesn’t work.

backup all data. and try restoring to a previous OS version without CTM.

I had to reinstall windows 7 :-TD

hi, Mariachi

How the problem come out? Could you offer more detailed reproduce steps? Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Best Regards