CTM fails after installation

Hello, it’s my first experience with CTM.

  1. Yesterday I 've installed EAZ 9.1 Ok. After hour experience I’ve uninstalled EAZ. All was Ok.
  2. Today I try to install CTM (downloaded yesterday). After reboot at moment of CTM installation it freeze ~ 79% with some error codes at top of screen.
  3. I’ve pressed space, black screen appears with cursor sign blanked.
  4. I’ve reboot system.
  5. Pressed home.
  6. Try to uninstall CTM (return to installation shot).
  7. The error appers:

00000005 00000002 00010b80 00000080 6aaoe800 04abba7c 00000000
Failed to read v-sector (10b80, 80, 6aa00000) error code 400, DiskNum 0.

I’ve tried some Ignore, Ingore All etc. No effect. To many bad sectors msg appeared.

  1. Reboot.
  2. Repeat step 6.

The CTM have been uninstalled.

hi, imageMaster

Pls do a registry cleaning and try again. Good luck!

Thanks & Reagards