CTM dreadful program.

god ive just looked at the bugs section of this program and its awful.
What a dangerous program to even contemplate installing.
Drives wrecked.MBR,s corrupted.operating systems ruined.etc.
And comodo is even thinking of a new version.!!!
They had better make sure it is completely safe this time and god only knows why they released the other versions.
They seem to treat the public like guinea pigs and its awfully unethical.
Its certainly a program i wont use and i would definately not recommend it to anyone.

That’s your prerogative, of course.

I have never had any issues with CTM, and utilize its rollback almost daily. It’s especially useful for testing beta, or unknown software.

Oh, and it hasn’t wrecked any drives… That’s impossible. 88)

This type of programs do come with certain specific risks. Things to know are not to change the MBR in any circumstance, not to run a defragmentation program at all or chkdsk.

And about wrecking a drive. That’s highly unlikely. More likely is that the drive was at the brink of collapse and CTM got the blame.

Add to that on a forum like this you will see a lot of complaints; that’s the nature of the beast.

But reading the forums could also have learned the three things to consider and be a happy CTM user.

i have used 2.8 and the 2.9 beta and didnt have problems with either of them ymmv. if we ever get v3 i believe it will be more stable since it was re architectured.

Thank you for your post, it changed my life. :P0l

BY the way I have a question for you…if CTM does all those things you mentioned, then why don’t those things happen to 100% every single user installation?