CTM doesn't installed

My OS - WinXPPro SP3 (NTFS).
I download CTM 2.4.125818.154.
When I tried to install CTM I got a message that “An supported file system is detected”.
However I have only Windows NTFS on my comp.
What is wrong?
Help me please!

Could you pls post the screenshot of the partition info like the attachments?

[attachment deleted by admin]

See the screenshots in the attachment files please.

[attachment deleted by admin]

It seems that the partition L: is not formatted, pls try to format it and then install CTM again.

The partition L is ciphered. As I see now it has a file system RAW.
I can’t format the partition L, because I have the data there.
So doesn’t CTM with the ciphered partitions?

CTM only support Fat and NTFS .
Unfortunately, you can not use the CTM if have a ciphered partition.

Thank you for the answer!
I hope CIS 4 will be work on my comp correctly!