CTM does not load Vista after install

After the installation I did a restart as requested by the installation procedure.
The system did not load after the restart.
During restart, the system went through the CTM loading screen and then the screen turned black with a little flashing ‘_’ character at the top left. This screen stayed this way for a long time so the only option I had is to reset. After reset the same thing happened.
The only way to get out of this situation was to uninstall CTM, and then things came back to normal (but without CTM).
I went through this whole process twice, with a fresh installation exe file the second time. The same happened in both times.

Please help! :slight_smile: O0


more details like you operating system if dual boot or 64/32 bit, and if you have a personalised boot.
also don do any other thing when installing ctm, something similar happen to me after an intall ctm an another program with also required reboot

I have a standard windows vista 32bit installed on my laptop. I bought the laptop with the OS installed.

Any ideas?

hi, ofer

Thank you for support. We need know your CTM version and more information about you laptop.

Best Regards,

Hi ofer:

Do you encrypted some partitions using disk encryption software such as MS Bitlocker? CTM does not compatible with any disk encryption tool.

Best Regards.