ctm_do not install

Sadly I recently came across Comodo’s CTM: It seemed like a great idea.
After installing it on a windows 7 (ultimate 32-bit) machine I was asked to reboot.
-W7 couldn’t reboot, nada happened; my W7 disk was of no avail.
3 things saved me: partitioned HD’s, Ghost (i did a full back up 12 days ago), and a Paragon recovery tools disk
(which allowed me to transfer data from one disk to another, before I reverted back to my 12 day old image).

Shameful isn’t the word for the rubbish Comodo has put up for grabs…
Thank god for certain other vendors & their products.

Hi, jianni

Really sorry for the issue. Do you install some other security software before installing CTM? Thanks for your feedback!

Best Regards,