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I sent the following to Comodo’s tech support, and received a timely answer–but not the one I was hoping for! They informed me that I had to install CTM on each computer individually after imaging it. Has anyone discovered a workaround which will let me clone computers with Comodo Time Machine pre-installed and pre-configured? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Message sent to tech support:

I installed the latest version of Time Machine on one of our school’s new netbooks. The operating system is Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. Time Machine works very well.

I then created an image of the netbook’s hard drive using the latest version of Seagate Disc Wizard software. The image included all the partitions on the hard drive. I created the image on an external USB hard drive.

I then booted Disc Wizard from an external CD drive and restored the image to a second, identical, netbook, including the MBR in the restore process.

The image seems to work fine on the second netbook, except when I try to run Time Machine. When I click on Time Machine, I receive an error message that says:

Critical Error: A critical subsystem required for the proper functioning of the product is not active.
This usually happens with an incomplete installation. Please re-install the product and try again.

I tried downloading and installing Time Machine again, but the only option the installation program gives me is “Remove”.

Am I missing a critical step here? How can I image the second (and other) netbooks and keep Time Machine working?

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You need to make a sector by sector imaging of the disk and also include MBR.
Intelligent sector copy or whatever is called won’t work as the free space in the disk (where the snapshots are stored) won’t be included in the backup.
You can’t “reinstall” CTM in a system in this situation. The only solution would be uninstalling, lost the snapshots, install again.

Steve, this topic might be helpful to you https://forums.comodo.com/help-ctm/ctm-t71323.0.html

As cloning of Windows from one machine to another may involve copyright infringement, I would tend to withhold from making further comments !

Oh… My fault… I was thinking on backup and not cloning to a second computer.