CTM = Corrupted Windows Installation

Just what the title says…

Had to do a system restore to an earlier point and uninstall CTM completely at CTM console. PC would fail to boot and was stuck in an endless reboot loop.

This software needs some serious rethinking before I will even bother installing it again on any of my PC’s

Sad, I always liked Comodo products in the past. I also have tried…

Returnil - sucks badly now, 2008 version was better
Rollback RX trial , wouldn’t install
CTM…well :confused:

Try EAZ-FIX http://www.eazsolution.com/

Hello ZoneMaster60.
Could you please contact with me directly? I will help you to solve the problem. We need more detail information about the problem you met. Then we could fix it.
I posted my contact information to you by PM just now.