CTM and MultiBoot systems

I saw a CTM review in PC Plus (UK) and it looks a good product. The idea of user defined Snapshots is very attractive, and gets away from the Acitvation problems associated with VM’s.

For many years I have used three PRIMARY partitions, with different OS’s on my machines. I also use True Image extensively for security. I use OSL2000 boot manager to select the OS I want to boot.

When I installed CTM to one of my partitions, as expected, on reboot, the machine locked up. I had to reinstall OSL2000 (using a Reatogo Boot CD to regain control).

When I disabled multibooting and made just one partition active, CTM worked OK, when installed on that partition.

It seems that CTM is incompatible with multibooting because it alters the boot sector.

Couldn’t CTM be altered so that the required low lwvwl software is activated AFTER an OS starts to boot, but before the boot process gets very far (rather like when, say, True Image activates AFTER I choose an OS and that OS starts to boot.

I appreciate that any such change might make CTM incompatible with existing installations, but perhaps a version could be made available specifically for use on multiboot systems.

Clive Bowden

The technology is very different. It’s not an independent system like VMs…

If OSL2000 uses the MBR to control boot, it’s incompatible with CTM.

It’s incompatible with MBR managers and other operational systems besides Windows, i.e., if you have a Linux partition, CTM can’t be used in this multiboot system.