CTM and Kaspersky rescue disk

I would like to scan my computer with Kaspersky rescue disk cd. It is a bootable cd that load a linux version and on top of it KAspersky antivirus scanner. It seems to mount the drives in it’s own system etc.
Is it safe to scan the computer with CTM installed or is there a risk that KRD somehow can corrupt the original file system (created with CTM).
Of course uninstalling / reinstalling CTM is an option but a quite big one.

No special file system is created by CTM. It only creates a rescue image of it’s own. You can safely scan with Kas Res Disk.

No, it’s not safe. If anything changes the disk/files before CTM driver is loaded, the snapshots could be broken and you got data loss.
You can safely scan and report, but avoid cleaning/moving files.


Can you please clarify whether we lose our actual filesystem or we lose our snapshots…

The actual file system is one of the snapshots, the latest one, the actual one.
It’s composed by old files (stored in previous snapshots) and new files (only the last one).