CTM and EAZ-FIX Manual Removal Tool

Can a member of the CTM Developing Team tell me if the

EAZ-FIX Manual Removal Tool,
EAZ-FIX v9 Manual Removal Utility
which are used to Clean Up EAZ-FIX,
can also be used to clean up PCs after uninstalling CTM?

Download it from:

EAZ-FIX Manual Removal Tool
http://www.mediafire.com/file/mcdjtigi4nh/EAZ-FIX Manual Removal Tool.exe

EAZ-FIX v9 Manual Removal Utility
http://www.mediafire.com/file/oyzzynyamyi/EAZ-FIX v9 Manual Removal Utility.exe

We strongly do not recommend using 3rd-party tool to uninstall CTM, otherwise, some very serious problems may occur. In fact, CTM and EAZ-FIX are very different, so please do not uninstall CTM by both “EAZ-FIX Manual Removal Tool” & “EAZ-FIX v9 Manual Removal Utility”.

Thanks for your support!

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Sure they are different.
EAZ-FIX is Stable.
CTM has a Loooong way to cover!
I hope that you will Not abandon it!
Thanks for your Clarification on the Removal Tools!

This is too funny. EAZ-FIX and Rollback RX are the same company. They developed the engine that Comodo licenses from them and Comodo is calling them 3rd party?? Comodo is the 3rd party!!

That’s why I asked if the EAZ-FIX Removal Tools
can be useful to the users who try to
Uninstall CTM.

For example, EAZ-FIX Manual Removal Tool
can be used by Rollback Rx and AyRecovery users.
If this Tool does Not offer full Uninstall, it still offers some File/Registry Clean Up
after uninstalling Rollback Rx and AyRecovery by the usual way:
From within Windows or the Subsystem Console (Reboot & Press the ‘Home’ Button)

the C-O-M-O-D-O Time Machine developers claimed
that CTM is different (???) from EAZ-FIX, Rollback Rx etc.
and these Tools canNot be used!

Well, I am a registered user of Rollback RX/EAZ-FIX and CTM is a VERY stripped down version of these. It’s also clear that Comodo messed with the code (mostly to ruin it) so I would question if the uninstall is compatible.

Flykite, if something goes wrong with uninstallation, couldn’t Comodo develop a bootable CD to access the partition and uninstall + correct MBR errors/problems? ???

Hi, tech
Thanks for your suggestion.
We will consider this.

Thanks and regards.

Can I have a thanks too? :wink:

The concept of an MBR backup/restore tool was first raised MONTHS ago!!!

Ewen :slight_smile: