CTM 2.9 Scheduling

I am new to Comodo forum and I don’t know if my question is in the right section, I don’t know if it is a bug or not. I have CTM 2.9 Beta installed on my XP Home system. All is working fine except for hourly scheduling of snapshots. I have mine set up as follows,

Schedule Tasks: Start Time:

hourly 19

Schedule Tasks hourly:

Every 1 minute

End Time 24

Lock the new snapshot yes I have

My problem is, that when said time comes it doesn’t take a snap shot. It will take snapshot on boot up and it will take manual snapshots. I have included a print-screen of the scheduling setup menu how I have set it up. Can anyone please help me with this? Thanks.


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Hi, can you change the Every 1 minute to hour? hope that helps