CTM 2.9 Beta Feedback

CTM 2.9 Beta hasn’t been giving me any problems at all. I had it on my PC ever since I sent my PC back to factory condition on January 25th or the 26th of 2012.


Well since my pc does not allow 2.8 to install I am using 2.9 beta for a while now and the only downfall or negativity about it is the ■■■■ slowness of reverting snapshots:( I remeber with 2.8 snaphsot reverting was fast but 2.9 is lengthy (takes a long time to revert back to a good snapshot). I hope when the new CTM comes out soon that this issue is fixed.

I used the beta and am on the stable version again. 30seconds instead of 50minutes to do a backup. I am excited about CMT 3. For now I’m just checking the boards at random days. Nice to be able to get an email of its release. It’s surprising that some users aren’t able to get the stable release to work on their machine. Wonder what could be causing it?

Same here on XP SP3 32 Bits.

Stable version cannot be installed. The error is Operating System cannot be read.

Beta version has no probs installing but as you mentioned its slow.

Previously I was able to install stable version but now I cant, dont know why.

Tried formatting & installing XP again but same error.

The snapshots work so good that time limited trial sofware starts working again.  This would definitly inspire rootkit patent protection from companies such as Microsoft.   Win 7 doesn't get the OS error. So I don't think that is the cuase in the XP case.  Maybe Comodo assumes that that old of an OS  is going to have a small harddrive. And doesn't want to risk overfill.