CTC not working; Its IP blocked by the GFW

The paid CTC is not working, the domain us1.vpn.comodo.com, us2.vpn.comodo.com or uk1.vpn.comodo.com has been poisoned to a fake IP address and the right IP (, or has been blocked by the GFW (Great Firewall of China).
My Debug info at debug - comodo ; My Log at log - comodo

Any alternative IP for test available?

If the problem is in the wrong resolving of TrustConnect servers IP addresses, you can write into the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file the following lines: us1.vpn.comodo.com us2.vpn.comodo.com uk1.vpn.comodo.com downloads.comodo.com downloads.comodo.com trustlogo.comodo.com trustlogo.comodo.com trustlogo.comodo.com

Dear Dlimonov,

You misunderstood my query. It’s the IP themselves which have been blocked by GFW already.

And further, after 10 days of my complains, I have not receive any information of refunding from accounts@comodo.com or trustconnectcancel@comodo.com

See below:
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Hello Ali Yang

We are sorry, but this connection problem arose not our fault. It’s look, like TC access servers are really blocked by China GFW:

We try contact this organisation to get clarification.


I was thinking of buying one of the paid versions of CIS for this TrustConnect VPN as im traveling to China soon to teach English… and of course i want to still keep in touch with freinds and family on facebook.

I came across this thread though and it appears that i should just download the free versions of CIS as the VPN will not work in China?

Has China’s GFW blocked comodo’s VPN IP’s?
Is Comodo going to start using somedifferent VPN servers to avoid this blocking?
Should i just invest in a different VPN to use while in Choina to make sure my internet will not get blocked?

Yes, this problem exists, and we are trying to solve it.